Take In the Breath taking viewsDAWN PATROLExperience Lake Tahoe as the sun rises…



MINIMUM AGEAge 8 and up


LocationVarious Trailheads in the South Lake Tahoe Area


Hiking Poles

Professional Guide

Adventure Photos

Local, Geological, and Historical information about the area.

What You Bring

Water 16 oz

Hiking Shoes | Hiking Boots | Athletic Shoes

Comfortable Hiking Attire

Personal Medication

Adventure Restrictions

Participants must have a moderate fitness level. Back, heart, and mobility issues are not advised.


Participants meet their guide at the trailhead.

All of our hiking locations are in safe areas.

All of our tour locations are within 20 minutes of the Stateline/ Casino areas.

Locations have easy parking.

Please call us if your day, date, or time is unavailable.

Dogs are welcome!

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Designed for Photographers!

Bring your camera for capturing the glowing Tahoe sky as it settles beneath the mountain ranges.

Designed for Hikers!

Just hike!Hike to our favorite hidden gems and take in the sunset. Say goodbye to another beautiful day in Lake Tahoe as the sun kisses the water goodby.

Designed for Us to Photograph You!

Influencers, social media lovers, and general photo fanatics love this tour. We specialize in getting creative shots of you during your hike. 

Designed for Families, Couples, Groups

This tour is not just for photographers and social media stars. Anyone wishing to get unique photos can enjoy this scenic hike!


Dawn Patrol is Lake Tahoe’s most serene hike. As the sun rises, South Lake Tahoe is open to a world of options for exploring. Enjoy our hidden gems with the possibility of hidden waterfalls and hard-to-find areas known only by our local experts. Years of exploring have led us to find these special hiking areas and we are excited to show you what we know and love.

You don’t need to be an expert or own special equipment to go on one of our Lake Tahoe hiking trips, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures excursions are all-inclusive! You’ll hike with an expert guide, enjoy the best views, and use the best gear.