Designed for all levels of hikers and photographers, and for us to photograph you!

Overview – Hiking Tour

Enjoy a breathtaking hiking tour of  South Lake Tahoe with a creative photography twist (Or just hike)! Let us take adventure photos of you and your group (or not) and bring your own camera or cell phone. Capture the scenic landscapes as you climb and hike to vistas located away from the usual landmarks and crowded tourist spots.

Our guides will take you off the beaten path so that you can enjoy the beauty of a hike in the mountains of South Lake Tahoe without the worry of getting lost or picking an unsuitable trail. Our Lake Tahoe hiking tour is great for those who want to get some good exercise and see the best scenery that the area has to offer.

You don’t need to be an expert or own special equipment to go on one of our Lake Tahoe hiking trips, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures excursions are all-inclusive! You’ll hike with an expert guide, enjoy the best views, and use the best gear.



Designed for hikers and photographers

You don’t have to have your camera to enjoy this tour, today’s cell phones take the best shots!

Designed for us to take adventure photos!

Let us get amazing adventure photos of you and your group.

Just hike!

Skip the photos and take a beautiful hike!

Dog friendly

Bring your pup!

Key Details

Why Go Guided?

So much of the true Lake Tahoe wilderness experience comes from knowing the best spots to go and being able to understand and interpret what you are seeing.  Where should I go to get the best views? Which hiking spots are less known and secluded? What are the best local, hidden gems? Why are there different colors in the water?  How did this lake form? What is that tree? Is this a safe area? Our expert guides will not only keep you safe, relaxed, and intrigued, but they will also be able to answer almost any question you have about the landscape you are seeing.

Our certified guides are long-time locals with the best experience and reputations in the area. We will give you the knowledge and the intimate experience of truly knowing where you are exploring.  ​

In addition to our trail knowledge, our trips also give you the fundamental ability to immerse yourself in the vast mountainous landscapes without worrying about any logistical issues that invariably accompany adventure.  Let us handle the rest

  • Participants meet their guide at the trailhead.
  • All of our hiking locations are in safe areas.
  • All of our tour locations are within 20 minutes of the Stateline/ Casino areas.
  • Locations have easy parking.

Please call us if your day, date, or time is unavailable.



Beginner | Moderate | Advanced


2.5 hours


Ages 8 and up




What We Provide

Hiking Poles

Professional Guide

Adventure Photos

Geological, Historical Information

What To Bring


Hiking Shoes | Hiking Boots | Athletic Shoes

Comfortable Hiking Attire

Adventure Restrictions

Must have a beginner to moderate fitness level.

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