Earn your run.

Overview – Backcountry Touring

Join Tahoe Outdoor Adventures for an unforgettable experience of backcountry snowboarding and skiing in the area.

We staff only the best professional and local guides who have an intimate relationship with our terrain which allows us to asses the best conditions for you and your group.

We are located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe and may venture 20 minutes outside of town depending on conditions.



Steep terrrain.

Hike up to scenic vistas, get epic turns.

5 hours +

It’s a long one.

Fresh Tracks

Go as huge as you want, wherever you want. No rules out here. No tourists to cut you off.

Key Details

Meet your guide at the trailhead where we will start and finish at the same place. Locations vary depending on weather and current conditions.

All of our locations are within 10-20 minutes of anywhere in South Lake Tahoe. All locations are within 20 minutes – 1  Hour  from Stateline/casino/Heavenly Village Area.

It is up to you to get to the location on time, 5 minutes before tour time.

We provide no transportation to or from tour locations. Details are given upon booking.




5 Hours


16 and up




What We Provide

Professional Guide.

Options for Backcountry gear

Avi Is For Rent-Rentals are available for our tours only.

What To Bring

Ski, Snowboard, Split Board



Avalanche gear. Beacon, Probe, Shovel.

Adventure Restrictions

No serious medical conditions. Participants must have their own gear and avalanche gear. Rentals are available but limited.

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