Experiences That Go Beyond The Go-To Landmarks & Get You Up Close To Local Favorites.

Overview – Company Retreats

There is something about being out in the backcountry of South Lake Tahoe that let’s people open open up and be their authentic selves. Encourage teamwork and comradery on any one of our many tour options. We specialize in tech company, corporate, and small business outings!

We offer the best company team building activities that might not immediately come to mind when you’re thinking about booking something for your group.
Our hiking, snowshoeing and paddle boarding tours offer a beautiful setting and fun space for people to bond together and be themselves. Free of distractions and cell phones, our trips result in having real human interactions and fun in the present.


Tech companies

We love our Bay Area Peeps! Tech companies have a blast with us as we are there to show you how to do it but not tell you what to do. Be yourselves and you do you! We will never make you feel as if you are at some “lame company thing”.

Corporate team building

Bring your large corporate party! We can take your large crew on one of our tour options. The largest group yet has been 175! Do a “work thing that doesn’t feel like a “work thing”.

Small businesses

We love our little businesses too! Let us plan a special day for you and your work friends!


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