Ski, Snowboard or Split Board in Under 3 Hours.

Overview – Express Backcountry

As locals, sometimes we want a quick backcountry session without spending the whole day hiking up a mountain. Over the years we have found spots that we can hike or skin up and and then get a quick backcountry session down. The best news it can all  be done in under 3 hours. This is our favorite way to get some exercise while having fun and enjoying mountain life in South Lake Tahoe.

Tours can usually be accommodated to fit your time of day preference.




Bring your ski’s, snowboard or split board.

Bring your skis, board, and helmet. We will take you to some fun local spots to skin up and ride down in under four hours.

Beacons, Probes, and Shovels for rent.

We have BCA backcountry/avalanche gear for rent. Our locations are avalanche free for the most part. All you really need is your helmet.

Test out all of your own backcountry gear as a trial run.

Want to test your gear before a big backcountry trip? This offers a good trial run to see how your packing skills and avi equipment are working.




3.5 Hours






What We Provide

Professional Guide

What To Bring

Skis, Splitboard, Snowboard

AVI gear (depending on location).

Adventure Restrictions

Must be in excellent physical condition.

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