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Getting Ready For hiking

How to get ready for an adventure in the great outdoors.

Avoid preparing for hiking and adventuring at the last minute. Life is crazy and time is short. Adventurous people are usually busy people. So you’ll no doubt be in a last minute whirlwind the closer you get to the day of your trip! As romantic as a last minute excursion may sound, there is nothing worse than getting a blister or being soggy, wet and cold when you realize your forgot good warm socks.

Use the 7-3-1 approach to check the weather when preparing for a trip:

7 days out: Check the forecast to get a rough idea of what type of gear you need to take (this is the point when you get it all ready,).

3 days out: Take another look and make any adjustments: an extra rain jacket, a beanie, sunglasses. If the weather looks unsettled at this point, start thinking about a plan B. It’s all too easy to give yourself excuses and back out of adventure altogether. Is there a way to be better prepared, or a different location with better weather to visit? The better prepared you are for every scenario, the more likely you’ll be able to stick to your adventure masterplan.

1 day out: Do a final last minute check, just in case. If it’s looking iffy, you may also want to check the morning of to determine what additional camping equipment you need. 

Whatever you uncover through the 7-3-1, remain optimistic at all times. Remember that rain leads to rainbows, mud to mud fights and fog offers up the best photo opportunities. It doesn’t have to be sunshine all the way to make for a memorable trip! Just make sure you’re prepared with outdoor clothing  and footwear appropriate for the elements.

Charge your cell phone and batteries!

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